Monday, September 28, 2009

Week Fourteen - Already

Oliver is thirteen weeks old and is definitely a baby not a newborn now. Oliver loves to chat - especially when eating - very social.

He loves to be where the action is and he is very independant...often happy to play by himself and just watch the world go by!

Of course he also loves to be adored!

Oliver had a few social engagements last week - he went to the park with some new friends....Joshua who is 5 months old and Jordon who is three weeks old.

Oliver was happy to lie under the tree and watch the clouds.

Oliver also had his first day trip - we went to Sydney to meet his cousin Victoria - all the way from Melbourne.

Mum and Dad also survived the highly planned outing.... unfortunately we forgot to take pictures! Hence the photograph of Oliver with his cousin Victoria and Uncle and Aunt when they visited Newcastle. A big shock to Mum and Dad was the amount of stuff we had to take just for one day! Hmmmm may not be able to do the walk on luggage for the trip to Melbourne!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grown Up Trousers

To celebrate turning thirteen weeks and officially making it out of the newborn stage -

Oliver has trousers with no feet - how grown up!

What a day - trousers with no feet and the accountant!

That's right Oliver experienced one of the annual events that will feature in his life God willing for a long long long time - TAX!

Of course made all the more bearable by Ami - our accountant - becoming completely besotted with Oliver and cooing to him throughout the whole consult....

Oliver in turn smiled and giggled - he is a flirt!

NSW experienced a huge dust storm yesterday -

it looked like God had turned on the sepia lighting - this is the magnificent glow in Oliver's room at 7am!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sleepytime during Storytime

Oliver went to his first storytime at the library today....

When we found out that Oliver was on his way - we booked Oliver into Storytime with Dad at the Newcastle Library. It is an early literacy programme to encourage parents to read to their children each day.

Each of the libraries around Newcastle have a Storytime for Babies session each month is very cool - we read a couple of stories and sing a few songs.....really just an excuse for the latent playschool presenter in the librarians to emerge for an hour each month.....

Oliver of course slept through the session - as he slept through all five of the Parent as Teachers sessions we went to.....He is loving his reading time each day though...He especially loves Where is the Green Sheep (thankyou Gay and Rose) and also I Went Walking....after reading the same book each day we are starting to improvise the things we saw when Oliver went Walking

Oliver is asleep on the lovely floor mat that granny made before she went has his name spelt out in big letters in - very helpful if he wakes disorientated from his snooze during storytime and thinks he is the "green sheep who is fast asleep!"

Monday, September 21, 2009

My First Picnic

We went on our first picnic with Oliver on Sunday - this was a transplanted Father's Day picnic as well. We had always talked about having a little one when we went on picnics together so it was completely wonderful to experience our imaginings!

Oliver is completely relaxed eating lunch wherever he is! He experienced the grass between his toes - it must be spring!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Twelve Weeks Old

Oliver is twelve weeks old today - it seems both so long ago that we found out that Oliver - or Latte as he was known then was coming into our lives and only yesterday that he actually arrived.

The last twelve weeks have been all the adjectives that every new parent uses to describe the life changing event. The things we thought we would struggle with turned out to be easier and the strangest things bring us to our knees.

Nothing quite compares to the gummy dribbly grin we get when we wake Oliver in the morning - or the smile that slowly emerges when he recognises one of us.....of course we could do with his instruction manual - which we have misplaced - so if you see it floating around please send it through!

Oliver is a great joy in our lives although there is some adjustment going on as we have been by ourselves living away from family for fourteen years and to have someone else in our lives on a daily basis is both exciting and exhausting.

We have started the blog as a memory for Oliver and a way for his family and friends to keep up to date with his adventures.

The photos from the top are:
1. Oliver 9 weeks old at his Welcome Party
2. Oliver 2 days old in NICU
3. Oliver 2 weeks old first day at home
4. Oliver 10 weeks old with Maisie and his floor mat
5. Oliver with Mum and Dad in NICU
6. Oliver being blessed by Jigme

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Present

This time from Trish and Paul - it completes the set of wooden rattles that Mum and Dad had already bought when Oliver was Latte.

Oliver is demonstrating his fantastic grip of the rattle (ok so Mum might have put it in his hand!)- a few seconds later he bopped himself in the nose after swinging the rattle around his head. Although we think Oliver is gifted and advanced for his age - his movements are still quite reflex based and his idea of comedy is developing!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oliver's New Car

Oliver received another fantastic present from his London cousin Giulia - a new car! It is lovely and squishy and has a rattle built in - when Oliver is old enough to watch Pixar films - we will be showing him this cool short - about someone else with a new car!

Giulia also sent Oliver his change time toy - which his Perth granny christened Maisie! Oliver has long chats to Maisie telling her all about his hopes and dreams! He smiles his gummy smile and chats away!
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Tummy Time

A few weeks ago at the parenting group that Oliver goes to - they suggested placing something underneath his chest so that he is raised and not completely flat - he now loves tummy time.

His neck control has come so far in the last few weeks - he is almost able to hold his head without lolling side to side......he is also starting to look around alot more when on his tummy......

He is still a very very happy fellow and has started to smile respond more and more. This morning both of us were greeted with a smile and loads of kicking and stretching at the early morning wake up call!
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First Swing

Oliver had his first swing - assisted by Dad.....he seemed to really love the movement and was happy in the lovely breeze and dappled sunlight.

It finished a very busy Sunday - which started with coffee by the beach - maybe that was more for Mum and Dad!

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