Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It was time to give you your first bath at home. Dad set up your baby bath on top of the washing machine. (And made sure it was turned off - otherwise the spin cycle may have turned your bath into a spa - and given you a big surprise!)

Meanwhile, Grandma Marlene got you ready, and brought you to the laundry...

Now, it was time for dad to put you in the bath... and you LOVED it. You looked around and made gurgly sounds...

And dad kept you entertained while he made sure you were all clean and shiny. You looked so little in your baby bath...

...but you seemed quite happy in the warm water.

Dad even stopped being as nervous about bathtime....

And once we'd dried you off, it was time to wrap you up again, and have a cuddle in the window seat. Of course, you and mum weren't the only ones enjoying the window seat.

Hmm, what's that fluffy thing there......?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lets hear it for the grannies!

For the first few weeks we had you home Oliver, mum and dad were still very tired from the hospital, and we were learning how to look after you. Luckily, we had two lovely mums of our own that were staying with us, and they kept offering to look after you at night!

Yes - grandma Florinda and grandma Marlene would send your mum and dad to bed as soon as we'd given you your 10pm feed! How lovely! What super grannies you have!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Electric Dreams

Mum & dad grew up in the 1980's, at opposite ends of Australia. Mum was in Perth (the far left of the map) and dad was in Melbourne (the far right of the map). Even though they didn't meet until years later, then both liked the same film when they were 13.

Electric Dreams.

Here's the trailer...

Now, we're going to show you the film one day Oliver, so we won't tell you what happens. OK, maybe we'll just tell you about one part. Something sad happens to a boy and girl. They decide they don't want to be sad anymore, so they get in a car and drive somewhere that's nicer. As they drive, this song plays on the radio...

As we'd been in the hospital for SUCH a long time (over a week!) we were a bit sad and tired. But then... on Friday night, they said we could take you home! So Dad got the car ready, and once mum put you in the car, dad pressed play on his mp3 player, so a special song could play...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My, what a lovely birthday present!

Mum's birthday is 5 days before your, Oliver. And dad's - is 5 days after. Aren't we clever?

Anyway, Dad's special day is July 2nd, and this year, his present was the fact that you could come back to our room with us. Hooray!

This meant that instead of waking up and walking to ICU at 8.30 in the morning (& staying there till 10pm) we could have you in OUR room! You'd be there when we woke up - and there when we went to bed! This was very, very lovely. (Even if mum was noticing that sometimes she'd wake up early in the morning and hear TWO lots of snuffles coming from different parts of the room!)

The photo above shows you demonstrating your sleeping skills Oliver, and mum enjoying your enhanced portability, due to being very small.

Then, the next day, we got even better news...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So many visitors!

Over the next few days, you had a few people visiting you. Unfortunately, we could only have 2 people with you at a time, so some had to rest in the waiting room. Up above, you can see your grannie Florinda plus mum & dad...

And there's Auntie Margi holding you for the first time. This week you had many people coming to give you a cuddle. There was Megan and Justin and Trish....

And here's your Grandma Marlene, who'd flown in from Queensland. Yes - she normally lives in Melbourne but she'd gone 'up north' where it was a bit warmer.
Both your grannies (& grandpa Albert) were very nice, staying at our house and making sure that everything was OK.
Meanwhile, dad stayed on a little mattress in mum's room and made sure she was OK.