Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Perth or Melbourne.......

It has been a long few weeks here in Newcastle....we had the final test for Pyloric Stenosis on Monday afternoon and got the all clear - which is fantastic - although we were pretty sure it was not the case about a week ago it is lovely to have all the boxes ticked.

Oliver treated his ultrasound as a further opportunity to hone his flirting skills - and there was the added bonus of a student sonographer. Oliver was in his element despite the poking and prodding.

Oliver has also started some medication for reflux and will now commence a series of tests and appointments to work out what is going on there. Nothing as scary though as the last few weeks.
Thanks Aunty Cath for all the information regardi
ng the charming reflux issue!

Over the weekend we had two days of drama and chaos which resulted in Oliver being threatened with the post pack to Granny....now is it cheaper to go to Melbourne or Perth! Luckily though Oliver decided to be less dramatic and chaotic and we packed the bag away in a safe spot for later!

Oliver is definitely heading towards being all grown up. A few nights ago we found him asleep on his tummy. This hopefully is the beginning of more settled sleep as recently amongst the teeth and the reflux pain has been the delightful rolling over and getting stuck milestone. Now he only gets distressed when he wakes to find he is face down in the cot.

Ha ha last little hurdle and then solid sleep here we come! If any rude person wants to share that solid sleep does not happen until Oliver moves out of home please feel free to go away!

Thank you for all the lovely thoughts, prayers and good wishes over the past few weeks....we send all those on to Oliver's cousin Lachlan who is getting his tonsils out tomorrow and cousin Ashley who starts school on Friday. Lots of love to both boys and their wonderful parents!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tests, Teething and Sitting Up!

Oliver is such a trouper - amongst the week of tests, clinic appointments and specialist assessments, he has got his first two teeth and learnt to sit up by himself.

Oliver has been dribbling for sometime - and now his first tooth has emerged - and is quite sharp! His second tooth is not far behind. He has done well - we have only had one really horrible day where he was unsettled and crying - but otherwise he is his usual gorgeous self.

Oliver has also learnt to sit by himself. This makes a change from the frustration he is expressing because he has not quite worked out the crawling thing.

Oliver can sit unaided for about 5 minutes and play with his toys before forgetting to balance and falling over. On the other hand he is becoming so frustrated by his slow progress in the crawling stakes. He is completely obsessed by rolling over and trying to move forward, and refuses to stay on his back for anything other than his milk - and even then once the edge of hunger has been taken off he is off!

Less fun is the rolling whilst sleeping!

Oliver has completed another week of tests, clinic appointments and seeing his favourite paediatrician - Kurt! He has started at the feeding clinic (haha) and is seeing a speech pathologist for his swallowing difficulties. He has another week of more investigations next week and then he sees another paediatrician and then hopefully it will all be sorted! The good news is that he has stabilised his weight so has not lost any weight this week - yay.

Oliver is a happy and healthy little fellow despite his difficulties with eating - and as usual feels that all these appointments are really just for the extra adoration and flirting opportunities.

The other big news is that Little Aggie has returned home - twice in one day - of course today she has not presented - but still she is alive and knows that we are still here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Learning to Eat!

Oliver has not inherited Mum's propensity to eat - and has lost too much weight which has prompted the GP to become worried and send us back to NICU for tests and more tests over the last week and this coming week.

An unpleasant sense of de je vu walking into NICUfor Oliver to be weighed!

The upside was that Granny and Grandpapa stayed in Newcastle for an extra few days to teach Oliver how to eat properly. It was absolutely fantastic to have granny around and she seems to have done the trick. Oliver has learnt to swallow properly and seems to have increased his milk and so far fingers crossed everything is working properly.

Oliver also has succeeded in twirling his grandparents around his little finger.....

This last photo is a glimpse of interactions to come...we can just see Oliver thinking "Can I get away with this - I think I might as I am quite adorable!"

Thanks so much Granny and Grandpapa we would never have managed the last week without you.

This week Oliver has some more blood tests, scans and a visit to the feeding clinic to make sure he is eating properly and nothing else scary is happening....we are sure everything is okay but a few prayers will not go astray!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Busy Week!

Since New Year - Oliver has been so busy...once back in Newcastle we have caught up with friends and had a few playdates.

Oliver has met his new friend Ruby who was born just after Christmas and played with his big friend Quinten. Quinten came over for fun in the sun and then the boys and dads had their first swimming class on Saturday. The beginning of Saturday morning activities!

Oliver seemed to enjoy his swimming although he seemed more interested in being towed up and down the pool by dad rather than kicking or crawling as Rory the lovely instructor was trying to get him to do!

He did not even cry with his first dunking but got tired pretty quickly and slept nicely for two hours! Maybe swimming every day!

The other big event was that Mum and Dad went out for the first time since Oliver was born together! We have had a few coffee's in the early days when Oliver was in hospital and a few quick dash outings to the grocery shop or drop offs when grandparents have been about - but going out for a whole evening - we were not sure we would even be awake!

We went to Endota for a blissful massage, Estabar for a strong coffee, the movies and then dinner! It was absolutely divine - we still remember how to talk to each other and not about Oliver (sorry Oliver) and we even made it to 9pm before the first yawn! There were no phone calls and no I wonder whether he is okay.

It was an early anniversary dinner - this year is fifteen years together!

The before and after photographs!

Of course Oliver had an equally fantastic night with Granny and Grandpapa and we do not want to know how spoilt he was!

A big thank you to Granny and Grandpapa for the babysitting and Megan for the lovely Christmas present.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Road Trip

Oliver's first road trip was to Canberra - with both grandmothers!

We set off from Newcastle with the first stop to pick up Granny in Sydney and then drive to Canberra to meet Grandma.

Of course in Sydney there was the chance to play with his newest bestest friend Imogen!

"I am just giving him a hug"

We took Oliver to The Portrait Gallery and the Masterpieces from Paris at the National Gallery. There was lots of time spent under the trees in the sculpture garden whilst the grown-ups wandered around.

There was always at least one grandmother available at all times to read and entertain
and of course Oliver was lapping up the undivided attention of four adults!

It was absolutely lovely for Oliver to spend time with his grandmothers - it is so special to see his little face light up with recognition when they appear!

It has been almost three months since his Grandma has seen him and five months since his granny has seen him. So he had many developmental milestones to show them....of course they correctly assessed him as being an angelic genius so they can visit again.

Thank you to both grandmothers for making the effort to spend time with Oliver and helping out to make the trip so wonderful.