Saturday, May 22, 2010

My baptism

As I suggested in a recent post, my baptism must have been coming up, and today's the day!

Mum and dad have been busy getting sweet things ready in the kitchen..

This has something to do with "fairies" but I don't get it. I'd much prefer a good old bottle of milk myself.

I'm not sure what these things are - mum calls them 'baby mudcakes'.

All I know is that they're going into a little cardboard box with a few other surprises - for each of my cousins.

OK, time to go to the church for my big event.

Here, we've just sat up the front... where everyone can see me. Mum took all my clothes off and wrapped me in a towel.

Dad explained that this is a good thing - but I wasn't so sure.

Next, they poured oil on me, which felt quite nice.

And then Monsignor kept telling jokes about Justin.

I'm not sure if Justin minded, but I did notice that most people laughed a lot.

Justin and Megan also got to light a candle with my name on it.

Finally, I got to sit on the altar, and everybody clapped. 

I think that meant I could have my milk soon.

 Yes, we finally got to go home for the party.

Here I am with my grannie Florinda from Perth, and Grandma Marlene from Melbourne.

They took turns to feed me, so my spoiling factor was at least 200%!

Here are some more photos from my baptism party, including my cousins Ashley and Lachlan from Melbourne.

They had fun in my coloured ball pit.

Well if baptisms are like my one, I'll have one each year please!
Thankyou everyone for travelling so far for my big day.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Visitors from Perth & beyond

Yes - grannie Florinda and grandpa Albert are in town, and so is my uncle Lyndon, all the way from London!

Mum had driven me to see them most days this week, and today they came to visit us!

Here's grannie looking very stylish, as she travels on the train from Sydney to Newcastle.

And here she is with uncle Lyndon and myself, as mum judges the 1st annual silly hat competition.

I'm not sure what "opthamologists" do, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with silly hats.

I've got even MORE relatives arriving in the next few days - it's pretty exciting!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

First Indian restaurant experience

It's not long till my baptism now, and the relatives have started to arrive! Granny, Grandpapa, Margi, Tom,  Meville, Lisa, Benedict, Xavier and Imogen are all staying at a house in Caves Beach with a special guest: Uncle Lyndon from London! He lives far away, but was able to be here because he has a work conference in New Zealand.

This morning, we took Granny & Grandpapa to Raj's Corner in Hamilton for Masala Dosas. This is mama's favourite Indian food, and very hard to get in Newcastle!

Here you can see grandpapa showing how to eat dosas. They are thin potato pancakes that come with a tray of sauces.
I'm not old enough (at 11 months) to eat dosas, but I had some plain naan bread which was very yummy! 

After mama, daddy and the grandparents had their meal, they bought some Indian sweets which made mama very happy. Daddy says you should "click on the photo below - and start drooling", whatever that means.

Hmm, there's been a lot of cooking and organising in our house.  My baptism must be soon!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Month Catch Up

Sorry for the break in blogging about Oliver and his adventures - it has been a little frantic here for the past two months. We thought we would post a few pictures to catch you up and then try to keep up with Oliver's social calendar!

In the last two months aside from O becoming more and more fun, Annamarie has returned to work which is absolutely fantastic, Oliver has settles into Mondays and Tuesday with Yola - which is just brilliant and we bought our house!

On a sad note we had hoped to post good news today and let you know in late October Oliver would become a big brother.  Unfortunately over the past five weeks the pregnancy has not progressed well and after many scans and tests the pregnancy ended.

We are ever so grateful to Megan who has been a completely wonderful friend no wonder she is Oliver's Godmother and also to Trish. Between the two of them they have made this completely horrible time a little more manageable. Our hearts go out to any of our friends and family who have experienced the same situation.

On a happier note we hope to see many of you in a few weeks time for Oliver's baptism and a celebration of the wonderful joy he brings to our lives on a daily the mean time enjoy the pictures!