Friday, November 30, 2012

November 2012

Thank goodness we slept lots in October - 
because November was celebration time here in Newcastle!

There were baptisms, birthdays, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles 
and lots and lots of fun  

Oliver and Freya have a favourite game, it lasts for about 10 minutes and is quite hilarious to watch.  The game commences when Oliver starts to empty the two toy baskets, Freya now knows that this means she is about to become the "back" of the train, she puddles over and climbs into her designated basket and the Train Driver climbs into the front and away the train goes!  Oliver sings the selection of train songs learnt at library sessions until "the back" decides she has had enough and tumbles out of the carriage and goes away.  The first photograph is the train driver instructing the 'train back' in her role!  

Freya's baptism brought family and friends together, which is always so lovely for Oliver and Freya as aunts, uncles and cousins are an almost abstract concept. 

 We all had a lovely time together at Blackbutt Reserve with lots of climbing and running and cuddling (and licking!) Koalas.

This is just so Oliver!

 Park visits are becoming more and more fun for both Oliver and Freya.  Oliver is more confident of climbing and jumping and Freya, well she seems to have forgotten to be scared of anything!

Granny and Grandpapa came to stay, they experienced the excitement of Bin Truck Monday (Grandpapa slept through the noise, the jumping, the driving of trucks over him!)

Oliver has loved Spot books since forever and when travelling or sick will happily watch a few of the matching videos and read the book alongside.....
he was ever so excited that Grandpapa was coming as obviously he would take him to the park!

The viewing of the film before the park visit and the actual park visit!  
One happy boy and one happy Grandpapa!

Freya thought having granny and grandpapa in the house was fabulous, two extra people to exclaim over every little thing she did - 
and of course cuddles galore!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baptisms and Birthdays

Is it a family tradition when something happens twice?
Oliver celebrated his baptism just before his first birthday and
Freya was also baptised and celebrated her first birthday all in one week 

Granny did another wonderful job on the baptisimal gown - 
modelled above by Miss Freya Lucia           

Monsignor Hart, was very inclusive of Oliver in the ceremony and being the serious big brother he is, he practised every night. Oliver's baptismal candle was re-lit which he thought was pretty brilliant, given he did not really remember the first time around.

Our little family - 
how very blessed we are 
to have two delightful children,   

and family and friends 
who also cherish and adore Oliver and Freya

After the baptism ceremony it was on to the first of many parties for the week!

Freya Lucia and her Godparents

Freya change her outfit four times in one day 

Freya's cousins Victoria and Imogen 
getting into the party spirit

The cake, flowers and candle

And four very pooped people - watching the clouds drift by.....

Freya Lucia's first birthday was celebrated quietly with 
Granny, Grandpapa, Oliver, Daddy and Mama.

Unlike twelve months ago, the day was very relaxed, 
a walk, a play at the beach, coffee and bubbles in our favourite park

Then it was off to Masala Dosa 
and home for....


Freya gets the hang of birthdays pretty quickly -

no problems with eating here

Thank you to all our family and friends who 
shared these two special days with our family and 
all the gifts and blessings Freya received.

Freya Lucia, 
you are indeed the light of our lives, 
your parents and your big brother.

We waited and prayed for a long time for you to arrive, 
and you are just like we imagined

Full of love, laughter, mischief and 

Happy Birthday!