Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not my First Swim!

On the list of things to do during Dad's holiday was take Oliver for a swim.

Justin rang earlier in the day and said he was off for a swim and the water was a lovely 20 degrees. With the enthusiasim of parents with too much coffee in their systems we set out for the beach....

Oliver decked out in his speedo suit - thankyou aunty Rose - we arrived at the Newcastle Baths. It was overcast and a little windy but Justin said the water was lovely...so Dad (hehehehe he lost at rock paper sissors) and Oliver prepared to enter the water.

Unfortunately we cannot report what Dad said as he actually entered the water but 20 degrees it was NOT! Oliver was excited until his little toes felt the icy water...so much for the first swim.

Cuddles for both the McGrath boys.

Justin did we mention that there is a probation period for Godfather status!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oliver's First Christmas

Oliver was blessed to share his first Christmas with his granny and grandpapa from Perth and of course his Mum and Dad.

On Christmas eve we all went to the Children's mass with carols at St Columba's. Oliver obliged by falling asleep during The Little Drummer Boy - the song Mum and Dad and Granny sang endlessly in the early weeks to settle Oliver before sleep.

We had a cup of tea with the Parish Priest who was from Goa - so Dad's Christmas was complete and then walked home via the Christmas lights on Wells Street - which had almost every house decorated.

Christmas Eve dinner was the first time since Oliver was six weeks old that the four of us sat down together - what a change twenty weeks has brought - Oliver went to sleep and stayed asleep and we enjoyed dinner and wine - lovely!

Christmas morning saw Oliver receive many lovely presents -

(thankyou Giulia, Victoria, Megan, Justin, Margaret, Trish and Paul, Fiona, Benedict, Xavier and Imogen!)

And of course Oliver gave a few presents too - (Aggie was very happy with her new box!).

Justin, Amanda, Andrew and Ruby came over for Christmas morning tea and then it was time to play with granny and grandpapa and all the lovely new presents! A few phone calls later and Christmas was over for 2009.

Boxing Day saw Granny and Grandpapa leave for Sydney, Uncle Brendan arrive in his new car and a lovely walk in the wild and wooly weather on the beach.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cyclone Season - Especially in Moira Street!

There is talk of wide-spread destruction from the cyclones passing through Australia at the moment.

Cyclone Oliver is casting widespread destruction through the kitchen...he is learning to eat and much to his father's dismay is making an almighty mess!

This is a before photo - there is no after photo as mum and dad were in tears!

Oliver thinks he just needs to smile adorably and well mum and dad melt in puddles at his feet - where did he get an idea like that! Whilst in Sydney on the weekend we bought an Ikea highchair - Oliver sits well in it and it is hoseable!

On the Tenth Day of Christmas

Oliver spent the weekend with his grandparents, Sydney Aunts and Uncles and most importantly his cousins.

Oliver has two older cousins Benedict and Xavier and
one younger cousin Imogen....

Oliver and Imogen enjoyed hours of playing on their mat together which was completely lovely

Did someone say milk?

"Imogen this is what you do.....just hold my hand and everyone will go completely gooey over how cute we are - and then there is cuddles all round!"

"I was just showing her how I get you guys to do what ever I want...." - " No mum honestly it was Oliver! I just did what Oliver said"

Hmmm lucky they are both so adorable!

Although there were great sighs of relief that neither family had had twins!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

If the house had been on fire in the last six months there would be two precious things we would risk our lives to rescue....Oliver and the Pump!

Oliver and the Pump have governed our world for the past six months - even before Oliver arrived pumping was part of our lives in preparation.....

Today the Pump - not Oliver - goes back!

We are so excited - it has been a huge effort on both Mum and Dad's part to make sure Oliver had enough breast milk each day....ironically now that he has started formula he appears to enjoy it much more than his breast milk bottles during the day!

Oliver appears to be a settled and content little fellow - so being bottle feed has not at this stage lead to therapy - at least for Oliver...

Coffee at III Bean to celebrate.....yay!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Twelve Days of Christmas

Oliver's first Christmas tree which is real and smells divine (although a little prickly and itchy!)

Oliver placed the angel on top of the tree with help from Dad. Three angels what more could a girl want? Mum and Dad with the help of a glass of wine decorated the rest of the tree.

The decorations have been collected on travels so it was great fun to unpack and remember all the little stories that went with the baubles.

The tree looks fantastic and was just in time for the celebrations with Oliver's little friends at a bbq on Sunday.

Co-ordinating sleep with four little boys and their parents is quite a challenge - but there were only a few tears, lots of eating and the rocky road ice-cream was a great success.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Gift of Giving

Oliver is sitting amongst the softie robots making their way to Meet me at Mikes Mirabel Foundation collection.

If you are in Melbourne - there is a window of all the softies that have been donated to the Crafting for Charity see if you can spot the robots....

We like the idea of Oliver learning the act of giving early on.....We are very lucky that Oliver is going to be surrounded by so many friends and family that are inspiring in their actions of giving.

We had a lovely afternoon tea with some friends on Saturday who have established Hope Myanmar and it was just wonderful to hear them talking about their projects and see their excitement about the potential of the charity.

Oliver's godfather returns this weekend from his work in Darjeeling and the surrounding areas....We can't wait to hear the stories and how his projects are coming along.....

If you need inspiration for Christmas gifts look no further than Oxfam Unwrapped

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So Much To Do So Little Time to Blog!

It has been a busy few days - and Oliver has been a complete delight to be around....he absolutely loves having dad home. Oliver has a few home away from homes....such as

III Bean where we had breakfast with Megan who has returned from her South American adventure and Estabar for Gelato (and milk) after our beach walk to check out the brides - a favourite Saturday afternoon pasttime.

It was lovely to sit in the seabreeze and enjoy the sunshine...and have nowhere to rush to.

Oliver's sunhat is a great purchase and he seems to be ok so far wearing his hat....and definitely does not mind being photographed...maybe he takes after his Grandpapa in Perth - there is a hint of photoface.

Oliver has also started sleeping in his sleeping bag....with some wrapping - but he had been unwrapping himself in the night and getting cold and then waking up! We seem to have less wakings and more sleeping so hoorah for the sleeping bag!

Oliver likes to play quietly by himself in his cot when he wakes up - which is fantastic he will hoot out so that we know he is awake but on most days we can come and go and he happily plays....joining Miffy in the cot are some lovely coloured wooden balls threaded on ribbon. Oliver can move them along the ribbon and also swing them back and forth.

Yesterday was Oliver's first play date at home...it went well five children aged between 4 months and 2 years and one who is due in a few weeks time. It was fun but exhausting someone ate the crayons someone drank someone elses milk and someone was going to sit in the corner for a little bit...Oliver behaved impeccably of course (well he snoozed and drank his own milk and did not throw up!) but was not sure whether he liked having to share the attention!