Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 2012

April was a busy month  - there was Easter and then there were Grandmothers galore......

Grandma came from Melbourne to spend some time with Oliver and Daddy in Newcastle there were music classes with Daddy and bunny.

Pizza and Pinball......Daddy's dream come true a pizza loving pinball playing child - now where is that girl child to teach her the finer nuances of pizza and pinball.....

Ahhh there she is being cuddled before setting off on a road trip to Bathurst with Granny and Mama for uni.

There was a stop at the bottom of the Blue Mountains at the Norman Lindsay Gallery and then at Leura for the Lolly Shop for Daddy's pillow mints!

It was a lovely time for both little poppets to spend time with Grandmothers - oh and the grandchildren enjoyed their time too!  Thank you so much for your help Grandma and Granny!

Once we got home safely, things returned to normal - well as normal as life gets!

There are reading duties

eating to be learnt

posing to be done

 Oliver is supervising the work being done in the garden

Granny painstakingly sewing Oliver's blanket - 
a stunning piece of work designed by Daddy and sewn by Granny

 Freya has learnt to like tummy time - do you recognise the hat Katie?

Early morning walking Moira Street style

The final weekend of April was busy - 

there was Steamfest...with steam trains and also a lovely festival in the park with an outdoor music class and storytime.  Unfortunately someone forgot to tell the weatherman and the heavens opened as we were dancing around with the parachute - oh well we had a lovely time before the rain arrived