Sunday, August 1, 2010

Month Thirteen

Poor Oliver - Much like his first month in the world his first month as a one year old was pretty ordinary.  He had a fantastic birthday and the three weeks of being terribly sick - a double ear infection and tonsillitis. Almost landed back in hospital - but some strong flirting on Oliver's behalf with the doctor (and a second dose of antibiotics!) Oliver seems to be on the mend.

Oliver being Oliver he still managed to have a good time. He has started to be a busy busy busy boy.....and very independent!

Playing in his lovely tent from Grandma Marlene and with his wooden worm from Cousins Ashley, Lachlan and Ben

A spoon. I have it.
Master Independent....feeding himself yoghurt.....

Risotto and muffin......
 (Oliver has been moved into the middle of the kitchen well away from walls.)

And now that I'm covered in yoghurt, I wait.
(Hmmm... hope they haven't moved without telling me!)

We have not been particularly adventurous in taking Oliver out at night -
now that he is one we would try a little night activity.
Staying warm at 'Winter Heat' - an outdoor event in a Newcastle Park.

Oliver models the present for Cousin Victoria.
(He doesn't get out of bed for less than 10 pikelets a day.)

Oliver on his trike; off to post some presents to Cousins Victoria, Joshua and Ben.