Sunday, July 1, 2012

Now I am three!

It will come as no great surprise to anyone that knows Oliver 
that the theme of his third birthday was -

One very tired and still very unwell three year old boy on his birthday morning!

Birthday dinner... complete with requested menu of pizza and garlic bread.
Oh - plus a Lego bin truck!

Lego bin truck -
chances of getting Oliver into bed tonight?

Birthday Cake (number 1) with sprinkle bin truck

Then there was the party!

The invite

the party favours - 

bin truck biscuits tied to balloons

the cake - in case you were wondering 
an orange bin truck with a blue man of course!

Each evening in the bath Oliver draws 
an orange bin truck with a blue man, six black wheels and a black arm to lift the bins.

Bin truck sprinkle bread

Bin truck sandwiches

What does every three year old boy need?
A handmade dinasour tail obviously!

Thank you Oenone for Oliver's tail and Mama's matching one!
Ready for the Dino stomp!

No bin party is complete without some bin action!

Oliver Amaia and William taking the bins out to the front of the house

 the candles (in bin colours of course!)

Miss Freya with her party dress and party balloon

Oliver and his friends enjoying the bubbles.

Oliver you have been everything we thought having you in our lives would be and then even more that we could have anticipated.

You are a great delight, a complete goose and our beloved Shmollie - we have loved most of the last three years and we are so excited to see what this fourth year brings!