Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 2012

June has been a lovely month 
-  all the yuckiness of May has resolved and we had birthday's to celebrate and parties to plan!

The Newcastle Museum is a fantastic rainy day excursion and  Oliver loves the interactive nature.       
The museum is orientated towards scientific principles and there is a fantastic experiment where children (and Dads) 
can pull on ropes to lift a car up.  
Excellent to burn off energy on a rainy day.

There was the now traditional visit to Winter Heat in the city at night in the freezing cold.  Two years ago when Oliver turned one it was our first evening adventure!

There was Mama's 40th birthday

There was the birthday visit by Margi and Tom - 
please note the presence of Margi bear and Tom bear in the group photo.

Oliver moved into a real bed - luckily we got the king single as there is barely any room for Oliver in the bed once all the teddies have been tucked in!  Two of those teddies are turning 40 this year  - Happy Birthday!

We walked up to the lighthouse to see if the whales were passing by - 
not that exciting if you are nearly three and nearly not one!

Mama and Daddy thought the walk was quite lovely 
and the sunshine was equally glorious 
and we tried out the scooter on pram contraption (hence the helmet)  
another winning gadget from mountain buggy!

Oliver had a second set of grommets put in -
looking calm and collected before the operation -
looking sad and sorry afterwards.

There were lots of birthday cuddles at the combined Oliver, Mama and Daddy 
birthday breakfast with our Newcastle Family - 
Thankyou for getting up so early Trish, Paul, Megan and Justin

Oh and Freya says - 
"in June I sat up!"

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 2012

May has been a pretty yucky month here in Newcastle - 
although it is hard to feel anything but joy and happiness with Oliver and Freya around!

After the comings and goings of April, we spent most of the month catching our breath and 
getting over the odd hiccup or two! 
May was really a month when lots of hugs were in order.

One of the loveliest things to observe is Oliver's complete adoration of Freya - 
he loves giving her hugs whenever he can!

When... she least expects a hug! 

When... they are both sick

When... she accidentally falls on top of him!

The "yes I am being gentle and I am hugging her not strangling her!"

And the favourite... "when in bed after a lovely looong nap"
(OK, that's mama's favourite!)

Oliver's fascination with rubbish bins and rubbish trucks continues and so does his imaginative play....he has now commandeered the inside rubbish if you visit - you are only allowed to throw red, yellow and green rubbish into the white bin!

Oliver patiently waiting on Monday morning (early!) for the bin truck to come and empty the red bin

Birthday cards were made and posted - 
posting letters is almost as fun as making the cards

Oliver on his first train ride!  
Oliver was very excited about going on the train, 
was a bit mystified when he was actually on the train - 
wanted to know when we were going to go on the train!  
Luckily he was on his trike on the train - just in case the train broke down!

 There was the last Saturday breakfast coffee for a while as Mama has started private practice on a Saturday and Daddy is in charge of swimming and entertainment!

The lovely mini rubbish trucks are a present from cousins Ashley, Lachlan and Ben! Thanks boys!
Our gorgeous girl turned six months in May.  

Freya you are a complete delight 
and we are blessed that you are a part of our lives...
we prayed and hoped for you for so long and you are perfect just like we imagined!

Winter Sunday mornings in bed - 
does it get any better than this?