Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Puzzles & Toys

Now that Oliver's 16 months old, his brain's really stepped up a gear. Annemarie found this groovy wooden puzzle at a local educational toy shop - and it's just right for 'O'.

It's got the numbers 1-10, plus a few simple shapes.  Here you can see an orange circle, which is the first piece Ollie managed to place by himself.  He can also say "circle" which is pretty exciting!

Oliver still loves his books - in a big way - and here you can see one of his recent favourites.

It's "Tell the time with Miffy" which goes through the different things that happen each day, at the various times.

The smart thing about the book though, is the CLOCK on the back page (with plastic movable hands) and each page has a hole, so it's visible all the time.

Great book for little people at this age!

And then, there's the 'wheelybug'.  This was a toy that Annemarie spotted years ago (pre-Oliver) and we always wanted to try one out.

Luckily, the local library has a very, very cool 'toy library' where you can borrow an incredible range of toys and puzzles for a month at time.

Strangely enough, when the wheelybug was available - it came home.

Here you can see Oliver trying it out - he's just old enough now to move around on it safely.  The omnidirectional wheels (a bit like a shopping trolley) mean that when he was younger, it wasn't safe.

Now he's moving around pretty confidently. And we've got it for 4 weeks!