Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013


In January days stretch out
With lots to do and find
We feel the sand, we tie the bait
We swim, we play, we stay up late
No one seems to mind

A time for games and sunny weather
Mum and Dad and us together

...and that is exactly what we did!

All through the year - by Anna Walker was a Christmas book 
and we have loved reading it just like every other book she has written.

We went to the beach every afternoon 
to swim in the ocean and play in the sand

Oliver and Freya had no fear of the waves, 
wanting to go further and further out to sea....

Dodging the surfers is always tricky 
but by the end of the month we feel like professional beach bums!

Every morning we walked by the harbour or the beach -
Oliver can ride for a good 30-40 minutes with big hills included.
The going up is hard but the coming down is WHEEEEEEEEE!

Freya on her bike...

bike races together 

The beach on less sunny days

Freya not so amused by the rain....
or the early morning ride - 
nobody besides Oliver, Daddy and Mama to charm!

This might be a familiar look in adolescence

The obiligatory pause to 
watch the bins being collected 

Sunny mornings and coffee with friends at the beach - 
can life get any better than this?

As there was no work to rush to
there was loads of time to play in the park each day.....

Swinging with Daddy
First time on Daddy's shoulders 

Lots of smiles

On those pesky rainy days....

Cupboards to hide in

Tea parties to host
 Trucks to drive
 Daddy's to climb on

Rubbish collection days to re-create -
yes that is Oliver looking through the window!
cuddles in bed

 Whipper snippering to be done -
she definitely has a sense of style

Lawnmower racing - with a pause to say hello to oneself in the oven door!

The last week of January we had some holiday activities to fill in the space left when Daddy returned to work.

Oliver asked to go on a train!

We went to art cart and did some gluing - which involves both sticking and eating the glue apparently.

A music class together

and just for uncle Andrew and Brendan 

a ride in a sports car...although the excitement may have been due to the colour of the car rather than the car itself.....