Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eight Months Old

Oliver is eight months old and now we know why everybody says little ones are fun!

The house is filled with giggling and laughing each day as Oliver is finding his way into mischief!

Oliver is mobile...not quite crawling on hands and knees but super fast on the whole tummy crawling!

This has necessitated a quick child proofing of the house. Hmmm mum and dad can't open the chocolate cupboard quite so easily!

Also a quick rearranging of Oliver's bedroom which has turned out quite well.

Oliver is completely obsessed with the telephone - obviously arranging his social life which is very busy!

The other delightful development is his ability to quickly work out cause and effect. This toy snail took all of 2 minutes to work out - so an extra long ribbon was attached to prevent collisions with noses at high speed!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oliver's New Adventure

Just a quick blog to say thank you for all the good wishes for Oliver's settling in days with expected Oliver is treating this as another opportunity to flirt!

Yola is besotted with him, she is completely wonderful and we fear he may never want to come home!

When Oliver arrived yesterday for his first morning it was as though a rockstar had arrived the three little girls (twins 4 years old and one 3 year old)chanted his name and then sat around him on the floor stroking and patting him....hmmmm tick adoration in abundance!

When we arrived four hours later to pick him up - well there was not a lot of excitement at Mum and Dad appearing shall we say. Today he shot-putted himself into Yola's arms and was very content when we returned a few hours later. He has settled in well and is very happy watching the other children. He seems quite comfortable with Yola and she absolutely adores him....there were no tears on either side.

Next week Mum goes back to work and Oliver will do his two regular days - although only six hours so not too bad. Will provide some photos of family day care next week when things are a little more relaxed.

Oliver is very lucky the same four children go on Monday and Tuesday and one of the little girls also goes to his playgroup on Thursday! They are a lovely group of children very gentle and loving! The little girls in particular are excited to have a baby and well Oliver is excited to be adored as usual! Yola also has too teenage daughters who think Oliver is really it is status quo without pesky mum and dad to dampen down the adoration!

Thanks so much for all the thoughts and prayers and socks as our little family starts this new adventure!

Lots of Love Oliver, Gabe and Anna Marie

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Day in the Life of Oliver....

Mornings in Mum and Dad's bed!

Breakfast - I promise some went in Mum!

Eating my maracca in music!

Chilling between appearances!

Oliver loves putting things on his head!

Practicing his crawling pose. Not long now!

Getting ready for afternoon reading time!

A pose for Uncle Brendan!

Vegemite toast for afternoon tea!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Angelic Genius!

When Oliver was Latte - we joked about ticking the boxes to acquire an angelic genius!

It appears our prayers were answered and we were gifted with an angelic genius*.
*conditions apply ( as Dad's advertisements would say!)

Oliver is indeed an angelic little boy...when we are outside the house! He smiles and giggles and flirts and is generally entertaining and delightful to be with. These skills are less enjoyable at 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am and 5am in the morning Oliver!

Oliver is indeed a genius and is very quick to learn certain new skills....he seems limited in his superior ability to learn when it is best to demonstrate those skills and when to lie quietly and go to sleep, lie quietly and not roll off the change table, sit quietly and eat, not lean over the side and pretend to be seasick off the boat!

Ah yes advanced for his age his imagination is already starting to emerge!

We should have been more specific in requesting an angelic genius - a little boy who does exactly what his parents wish for between midnight and well midnight!

When Oliver was in NICU we would say to each other when he gets home we will never complain about being awake all night and any other less desirable behaviour he might display we will be just so happy he is home. We thought about that the other day after a particularly special night! We lied!

Latte for Latte

Oliver has had his first babyccino!

Oliver and his Godmother (who better to instruct Oliver in the art of latte drinking!) and Mum and Dad enjoyed the sunshine and the coffee before swimming lessons.

Oliver seemed to enjoy the experience although to be honest he was more excited by sharing his drink with the puppy at the next table.

The Babyccino powered Oliver through his swimming lesson where an excited Dad reports he kicked - or at least moved one leg once!

The babyccino did nothing to improve Oliver's behaviour - Rory his instructor was treated to the hairy eye ball and ignore treatment to signify Oliver's disapproval of the floating skill he was being taught.

Hmmm positive reinforcement (bribery?) of behaviour we would like (expect?) is about to start!