Friday, May 3, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter already!

This is our fourth Easter as a little family - 
and the first that Freya was really a part of!

The Easter break started with the traditional gelato at the beach  to celebrate Daddy being home for four days - We went to visit Justin at the markets and the children had their first go of a jumping castle!

There was the decorating of the Easter Tree - 
which really was an excuse to play with sticks and stones

When we asked Oliver about Easter he said we go to God's House with candles and well that was all he remembered from last year....did not take long though to get the hang of the Easter egg hunt!

 Happy Easter!

February and March 2013

February and March just sort of blurred together 
as the year started and we got busy!

Oliver and Freya ride each morning at the beach - it is a lovely start to the day....
on the weekends we have started to stop as 
Oliver wants to do 'tricks' on his bike!

Freya demonstrating her 'tricks'  - 
she is not to be trusted on the back of a tandem!!

The weather has started to turn cooler - so the swimming in the ocean has stopped, but the beach is still a favourite for digging.... 

February saw the return of our favourite activities -

Library, swimming, music, Yola, Preschool and new this year....DRAMA
that is an actual drama class not just minute to minute drama!!!!!!!

 Freya loves cars, trucks, bins, lawnmowers and whipper snippers.....much to Yola's dismay!

Each morning Yola will give Freya a dolly and Freya will toss it over her shoulder and march over to the cars and trucks and zoom them around the room!

Not only does Freya take after her brother in likes and dislikes, she is also awfully good and telling tall tales to her aunts and uncles!