Monday, October 3, 2011

F is for Frio

We would like to introduce you to Frio and let you know how our very special baby is going.  

As most of you know Oliver was christened Latte for the duration of his pregnancy given the colour of his skin and his mother's addiction to the coffee of the same name.  Frio is named for Daddy's addiction this time - the Spanish iced coffee Cafe Frio served at Estabar.  Given that Oliver is quite happy to sip his latte given any opportunity - we can only hope Frio will soon be joining us at Estabar!

Now, given Frio is due on November 22nd, we thought maybe we should post a few photographs and let you know how things are going.

One of the lovely - the very few lovely things - about a high risk pregnancy is the frequency of scans that occur... we were lucky enough to scan every four week until Frio was 20 weeks.  
We did not realise that we were holding our breath till the thirteen week mark and did not tell many people until Frio reached the 20 week mark. Seeing Frio every four weeks made the baby very real and of course it was also lovely to see Frio develop and reassuring when each little milestone was reached. 

It was a wonderful feeling to reach 20 weeks!  For us this pregnancy would be the last no matter what the outcome and really has not become very real until the last week when we have had to organise things like a car seat and the hospital admission.

At the twenty week mark the frequency of scans unfortunately alerted our fantastic medical team to a few issues that had arisen.  Our scans have become more regular and we are seeing Frio every two weeks now as they carefully monitor the progress of Frio's development.  Again we held our breath as suddenly twenty eight weeks became a magical number.  Frio had stopped growing and there was concern that Frio might not make it to 28 weeks.

We are happy to say we have reached twenty eight weeks and in the last two weeks Frio has picked up a little and we are hoping and praying that our special little one will hang in there for a few more weeks and arrive safely and in the best health possible.  We are going week to week just like every other set of parents and saying lots of prayers for our little Frio!  Anything over 34 weeks is going to be fantastic!

In the meantime please enjoy these lovely scan photos of Frio.  We hope to introduce our little one to you all going well - on the 22nd of November!  

Oliver is excited about becoming a big brother - his little friend Amaia became a big sister to Arlo in April and Oliver is smitten with Arlo and the concept of being a big brother.... Or maybe he thinks when we refer to Frio we mean we are going to Estabar and that means a latte for him - hard to tell with a two year old!