Friday, September 7, 2012

August 2012

Road Trips, granny, fancy dress parties and saying goodbye!  
August had many sad moments as we said goodbye to a few of Oliver's activities 
as he switches from Yola's to preschool! Of course there were plenty of lovely times as well....

Granny came from Perth (again!) for the road trip to Bathurst - 
this time we all went to uni!

Bathurst is quite a pretty town - and there is a fantastic park with a flying fox and lovely climbing frames and dinosaurs.  Oliver and Freya were spoilt with both daddy and granny to attend their every want and need....

 On the way home we stopped in the sunshine at Brooklyn to play.  Oliver and Freya are pretty brilliant travellers - we stopped once each way and there was lots of sleeping, singing, drawing and bin spotting!

We were home in time to celebrate Amaia's third birthday with a fancy dress party. Super O and the water nymph had a lovely time eating gingerbread (hmmm not sure how Freya snuck that one in!) on the trampoline and crawling through 'middle earth' in the front garden......


Once back home there were lots of 'ordinary' times as Grandma would say - splashing about in the rain puddles with umbrellas - thank-you Megan for a perfect birthday present!

Waiting for the bin truck on Monday morning.

Most importantly being given the all clear by the pediatrician - well at least Freya yay!

That definitely deserved gelato - as Oliver slowly realised that Freya was also eating the gelato - the bowl was inched ever so slowly further and further away from Freya and closer and closer to him!

On a sad note the two activities that Freya and Oliver have done together have come to an end.  In September, Oliver is starting Montessori Pre-school and that means he has finished at Yola's and also at the Montessori playgroup. Oliver has been with Yola since he was eight months old and she has (and is) completely wonderful and so important in our week to week life here in Newcastle.  Freya started in June with Yola just one day a week so she could be with Oliver to make the transition smoother.  These two photos are from Oliver's last day - cuddles in the sunshine for his sister and telling tall tales (actually asking to see the red and yellow bin!) to Yola.  Thank you Yola for all the wonderful things you did with Oliver and for all the wonderful things we know you will do with Freya!

 Montessori playgroup has been a wonderful experience and such a lovely one for Oliver and Freya to shar - even if it was only for two terms.  It is so lovely to see Oliver run to the baby room and get the basket of toys for Freya and plonks them down where he wants to work!

Freya has developed so quickly from the sleeping baby to the very alert and watchful (flirting) baby.  She has found a beau (don't tell her father) named Spencer and he brings her all the activities he thinks she might like and spends all his time staring at her!

The last two photos are from music time at the end of each session. Which both loved!

Thank you Cari for two years of guidance in living the Montessori way!