Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Comedic Genius

Today has just been fantastic!

Oliver has been practicing his raspberry blowing....and he is pretty good!

He is very pleased with himself and has spent some time mastering the art....just the right amount of dribble, positioning of the tongue and of course checking to make sure his appreciative audience is on hand.

His timing was impeccable, when Dad stated "this does not look like a two hour afternoon sleep..." Oliver responded with "plsplsplsplspls"!

Mum laughed for at least five minutes!

Just perfect!

Enjoy the video...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sitting Up!

Over the last few days Oliver has really got the hang of sitting up and he
loves it - he cries when he is laid down after reading a friends post about her little girl loving her Bumbo seat (thanks Katie and Isobel) we bought one for Oliver.

At first we thought it looked very very silly but then he sat in it and was so very very happy!

It is soft and squishy and seems to mould around his have to be careful though as we tried him in the morning when he was not really ready to hold himself up and he kept leaning over.

The Bumbo seat is great for feeing his three spoonfuls of apple mush!

He seems to be more upright and ready to hold himself tall in the must be nice to get a different perspective on life!

He looks like he is ready to get out and walk - Very advanced for his age!

My Newest Bestest Friend?

In the last few days - Oliver has started to notice Aggie....really watch her and start to reach out occasionally for her

Aggie of course has noticed Oliver since we brought him home and she has done incredibly well adjusting to having someone smaller and cuter than her in the house!

She is very protective and comes running to find Mum and Dad when Oliver is crying and sits next to him until he calms down. She becomes quite vocal if she thinks we are taking too long to respond to his crying!

This morning in the kitchen Aggie and Oliver spent some time together....
Oliver's little hand was slowly inching towards Aggie.....

Aggie carefully assessed the situation and decided that at the rate Oliver's hand was moving she could safely consider food and still be ready for the exciting first pat!

Oliver caught sight of some gorgeous fellow looking at him from the oven door - hey wait a minute he looks's me!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mr. Independent

Oliver has always been an independent little fellow...a combination of necessity and personality.

Today he has decided that he can handle his bottle just fine thank you very much!

Uncle Melville does liquid through the nose still reach the stomach?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Food Glorious Food!

Oliver has started eating solids....well slightly less liquidy matter is probably a better description!

On Wednesday Oliver woke up very early and hence Mum and Dad were up very early and well it seemed like a good idea so we tried some baby rice...

As you can see the first few spoonfuls were quite strange - but then Oliver started to relax and enjoy. A visit to the local organic store and a few apples, pears and carrots made their way home to be steamed and mooshed and frozen.

Pear and baby rice are the delights in store for Oliver this week.....

We are following the Annabel Karmel first taste baby apt that Oliver's first foray in solid food is set out as a degustation experience.....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Hat!

The weather is just perfect here in Newcastle high twenties with loads of sunshine and a gentle seabreeze!
We are very lucky the back garden gets the afternoon shade and the lovely seabreeze so we have been camping out each afternoon on the picnic blanket.

There is a slight hill which aids the rolling practice -
although Mum does provide a hand to start at the top and roll down!

Oliver is at the stage where his fingers are just so absorbing so what better way to spend the afternoon than sucking your fingers and reading a little!

Oh and Oliver has his first sunhat!

Ah life is completely perfect and so is Oliver!

Boys Own Adventure

Oliver and Dad went to the books and babies session again this week.

Oliver just loves reading which is fantastic - and we have found several different sessions to try which he seems to enjoy.....sometimes he is completely engrossed in the stories and songs and sometimes the other babies who are there.

Oliver is still on the 'O' plan so on any given day at any given time anything is possible....he is very alert during his awake times which can range from 60 minutes to 2 hours - which is very rare.

He is reliably awake for at least part of any activity we do outside the house.....this is a great step forward from being asleep through every session we went to up to 16 weeks of age!

It is amazing how much changes in three short weeks!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rolling Training...Rocky Style!

We took Oliver to a physio session last Monday - it was through the Parents as Teachers programme Oliver has been going at the local very funky primary school - they have their own kitchen garden very trendy!

At the physio session Oliver learnt a heap of different exercises to encourage his physical development and they were all easy enough to incorporate into his little play sessions through the was great fun especially since Oliver was actually awake for the entire session!

Today he rolled over!

The photographs are pretty fuzzy as it is the actual first roll - okay Mum might have got very excited and dropped the camera and then scared the child with the excited YAY...but that is a whole different story!

Oliver is pretty excited with himself and he is of course a genius child and very advanced for his you all know already:)

Enjoy the dodgy photography and be amazed by the stunning physical feats Oliver performs for you next time you meet!

Of course when Dad came home from work and Oliver was placed on his tummy to demonstrate new skill - nothing mum had to demonstrate what Dad missed - not quite the same!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reading Reading Reading!

One of the first things we did when we knew Oliver was on the way - was to book him into the library for dads and bubs reading group.

Oliver has been to a couple of sessions at the library so far - but this week he went to the books and babies with Dad on Monday and another session on Tuesday with Mum!

It is so exciting these days as Oliver is actually awake through the activities that we go to.

He is also so responsive that it is great fun for Oliver, and Mum and Dad!

Of course whilst in Melbourne we visited a great bookshop and stocked up on a few new favourites!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am so much fun.....

Oliver is 18 weeks -

and so much fun to have around....
as the photo demonstrates he is mid way through telling us just how much fun he is!

Oliver has really got the hang of grabbing things this week....

his mobile, our fingers and his newly discovered toy -
the wooden balls....

of course everything he grabs is on a fast track into his mouth - except his milk which he still seems to think is not a good idea to drink!