Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012

October and again we were heading to the hospital for more tests and more surgery -
families with chronically ill children are amazing - each time we head to the hospital we find that it hangs over all of us - especially Oliver, who as he gets older knows and remembers more and more.

In the light of the tests and then the awful and what is actually worse the wait for results we slowed down and did anything and everything that brought smiles to Oliver and Freya's faces....

 Walks in the sunshine, riding bikes and gelato by the harbour.

No genetic testing needed here - these two are definitely siblings!!!!

The mornings were still cool so lots of cuddles were in order - 
Oliver likes to bring all of his and Freya's teddies into the bed....
not a lot of room for actual people in the bed!  

 Freya is almost a year old and is a complete delight to have around - 
Oliver and she are still best of friends

Freya loves to do anything that Oliver is doing, if he is in the garden, she wants to be in the garden, if he is inside she wants to be inside, if he is sleeping she is sleeping -  she follows him around like a shadow and tries to copy anything he does....including his love for bin trucks - AHHHHHGGGGG!!

Freya has started swimming lessons with Daddy - or should it be called screaming lessons....whilst she swims  (screams) with Daddy, Oliver and Mama go for a walk to visit the bins in the neighbourhood - as we walk past the swimming centre, Oliver pauses to listen and then announces - "ahh thats Freya Lucia crying" and then carries on walking as though all is right in the world.

Oliver channeling his inner surfie dude and staring out to sea.....what are they watching for - as we walk along the beach in the mornings, there are all these guys with their boards staring out to sea....
 Freya helping Mama study for her exam !

Friday, October 5, 2012

September 2012

Absolutely perfect weather here in Newcastle which means 

more playing in the sunshine, more whipper- snippering (that is what is happening in the photograph below) more walking in the park and at the beach, and of course picnics.....

Freya is becoming more and more independent, 
she has definite likes and dislikes 
and she is happy to let you know what she wants - 
if someone to get on to that immediately that would also be good!

Freya has started to feed herself!

In September we celebrate the birthdays of two of the most important people in our lives, Megan and Justin.....

Oliver loved singing happy birthday, blowing candles out and talking about eating cake!

In between celebrations and new beginnings there was plenty of time for early morning coffees at the beach - that is four coffees thanks very much - always concerning when the girls at the cafes don't even ask - they just bring soy babycinnos with no chocolate and extra marshmallows for both Oliver and Freya! Hmm maybe we could just drop the children off for coffee and go and lie under the tree for a snooze!

The nights were getting warmer so we ventured out for ice-cream after dinner on Saturday night....

Oliver started Montessori Pre-school this month.
On his first day he was not too sure about this whole pre-school malarkey!
Luckily there were fish to feed, puzzles to do, friends to play with and bins - so all was right with preschool.  After two weeks of slight hesitation, Oliver on week three walked in to school quite contently..... hopefully soon he will run in happily.  

Amazingly garbage trucks and
garbage bins continue to occupy Oliver's waking time.  It is lovely to see him add to his play repertoire.  The most recent expansion of this occupation is the renaming of his car as a garbage truck which he drives alongside the bins and stops and empties them into his truck.

All the while singing the playschool song "I am the garbage man".