Saturday, June 26, 2010

First Birthday Party

Oliver is turning one tomorrow and four of his little friends came over today to help him celebrate.

Oliver's grandma flew in just for the party which was a just fantastic - thankyou Grandma!  So after breakfast with Grandma and Mum and Dad at III Bean (one needs a latte to survive the party) - it was party time!

Oliver had a lovely time with presents...

He enjoyed pass the parcel with Megan (Oliver's Godmother) and balloons!

Oliver is lucky enough to have two cakes - one large 'O' for the party today and a number 1 for Yola's on Monday.

Poor deprived child did not actually eat any of the cake today - but everyone else did !

Of course there was loads of cuddles and general spoiling.

Maybe Oliver needed a double shot in his latte..?

Thank you for all the lovely presents and birthday cards - Oliver had a wonderful time. Although he slept through some of his party, he enjoyed spending time with his little friends and playing with his new toys after his big sleep.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Special Delivery

Oliver was feeling very important with his special delivery to the mail box.  It is the invitations to his first birthday party!

The baptism was really about Mummy and Daddy and all our family and friends coming together to celebrate the arrival and presence of Oliver in our lives.
Oliver's first birthday is all about him and his little group of friends.

Oliver absolutely adores Anna Walker's I Love to Sing and it seemed like a good excuse to print some lovely photos for family and friends and also make a little keepsake to celebrate Oliver's first birthday.

Oliver gets so excited when we read the book and it is almost always the first book he choices to read each day....could it be because the main character is named...Ollie??

We read to Oliver before he was born, the first thing we bought for Oliver was a book, the first activity we took him to was story time at the library and his first picture in the paper was because of of course having a story book invitation was so fitting.