Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sleepytime during Storytime

Oliver went to his first storytime at the library today....

When we found out that Oliver was on his way - we booked Oliver into Storytime with Dad at the Newcastle Library. It is an early literacy programme to encourage parents to read to their children each day.

Each of the libraries around Newcastle have a Storytime for Babies session each month ...it is very cool - we read a couple of stories and sing a few songs.....really just an excuse for the latent playschool presenter in the librarians to emerge for an hour each month.....

Oliver of course slept through the session - as he slept through all five of the Parent as Teachers sessions we went to.....He is loving his reading time each day though...He especially loves Where is the Green Sheep (thankyou Gay and Rose) and also I Went Walking....after reading the same book each day we are starting to improvise the things we saw when Oliver went Walking

Oliver is asleep on the lovely floor mat that granny made before she went home....it has his name spelt out in big letters in - very helpful if he wakes disorientated from his snooze during storytime and thinks he is the "green sheep who is fast asleep!"

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