Saturday, September 19, 2009

Twelve Weeks Old

Oliver is twelve weeks old today - it seems both so long ago that we found out that Oliver - or Latte as he was known then was coming into our lives and only yesterday that he actually arrived.

The last twelve weeks have been all the adjectives that every new parent uses to describe the life changing event. The things we thought we would struggle with turned out to be easier and the strangest things bring us to our knees.

Nothing quite compares to the gummy dribbly grin we get when we wake Oliver in the morning - or the smile that slowly emerges when he recognises one of us.....of course we could do with his instruction manual - which we have misplaced - so if you see it floating around please send it through!

Oliver is a great joy in our lives although there is some adjustment going on as we have been by ourselves living away from family for fourteen years and to have someone else in our lives on a daily basis is both exciting and exhausting.

We have started the blog as a memory for Oliver and a way for his family and friends to keep up to date with his adventures.

The photos from the top are:
1. Oliver 9 weeks old at his Welcome Party
2. Oliver 2 days old in NICU
3. Oliver 2 weeks old first day at home
4. Oliver 10 weeks old with Maisie and his floor mat
5. Oliver with Mum and Dad in NICU
6. Oliver being blessed by Jigme

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